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Yeah, suck on THAT, Lucifer!

Sam is such a girl sometimes.

He keeps grabbing hold of me and hugging me right when I'm not expecting it.  And, yeah, I'm not exactly Smurf-sized, but the guy is as big as a friggin' house dammit!  I'm gonna be counting bruises for a month.

So yeah, we survived the Stull Apocalypse.  I think Sam's kinda overly-grateful, although to be honest he's the one we should all be grateful to.  Sure, I might have been the one who actually stuck it to the Devil, but I could never have done that if Sammy hadn't done what he did, controlling everyone's power like that.  Angel, demon, Einherjar.  

When did my little bro suddenly turn into a such a big damn hero?

Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention.  Seems like only five minutes ago he was playing with army men and Lego.

Anyway.  Now I sound like a damn girl.

I guess I'm just... happy, I guess.  And it seems like such a long time ago I felt like this.  Really, truly happy.

I could sleep for a week.

Sammy said that once.  Now it feels like it actually might happen.

Of course, we've got some serious celebrating to do before then.  And I'd like to spend some time with Dad and Bonnie and my family.  It's good to see Sammy with Sarah.  I told him years ago he ought to marry that girl.  I'm hoping Bobby might come with us to Lynchburg.  Wouldn't be a family gathering without the old coot.  And I want to introduce him to that Guardian guy - Turner, I think his name is.  Rufus Turner, maybe?  I think the two of them would get on like a house on fire.

Anyway, I'm yammering on like that girly vamp in that girly vamp TV show yammers on in his girly vamp diary.

Enough of this.  I got a bottle of Jack with my name on it.  Well actually, it's got Jack's name on it, but if they called it Dean I don't think anyone would buy it.  But what do I know?  Dean Winchester on the rocks.  Shaken not stirred.  With Coke.  Okay, that's maybe a little girly after all.

We just saved the world.  

I'm outta here.
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