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Sam Winchester [userpic]
Storm's coming...
by Sam Winchester (swinchester)
at December 21st, 2010 (10:28 pm)

Location:: Not in Wyoming
Mood:: anxious
Music:: Crossfire - Brandon Flowers

So Dean's freaking out.

He's pretending he's not, because he's just oh-so-macho, but I see the way he keeps looking at me out of the corner of his eye like I'm gonna grow a second head any minute.

So we kinda had the same dream.  Big deal.  It's not the weirdest thing that's ever happened to us.

I just wish...  I know he's not gonna go for it.  But I need to go to Wyoming.  I'm sure that's what the dream was trying to tell me.  I need to be there, that place where...where I nearly died.  Where Dean nearly died.  Something--someone--is calling me back and I just know I need to go.  I need to be there.  And if Dean won't come with, then I'll have to go alone.  He can't stop me.  He's not my dad.  And I'm an adult now, for crying out loud.  He can't stop me.  I'm bigger than he is.

Yeah, way to sound mature, Sammy...