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Red eyed skanks and stupid crossroads

So Sam's asleep. Finally. I guess it can really take it out of a person being possessed by some red eyed crossroads demon skank from an alternate reality for a couple days. He doesn't seem too much the worse for wear. Apart from, y'know, where I shot him. Twice. And yeah, I totally did not forget that freakin' asylum! I guess payback's a bitch.

Dad's asleep too. Between the two of 'em I figure I get to sleep in the tub tonight. But hey, worse things, right? At least I got my family together. If just for tonight.

I don't get it, you know? Why Dad has to get all secretive like this. Why he has to take off to "get his head together." We could help him get his friggin' head together if he'd just stay. I know something bad's coming. So does Sammy. But it'd be a lot easier to face it head on if Dad were with us. That's all I'm saying.

So now I get to listen to the two of 'em sawing horses while I sit up all night worrying about them and wondering what that crossroads bitch meant about Sam dying and me selling my soul to save him and going to Hell. Was that one of the realities Dad saw when he was trapped in the Stull Gateway? And does he still really think we're not the real Sam and Dean? Or not his Sam and Dean anyway. Its no wonder his head needs getting together when you look at it from that point of view.

Anyway, I need to get me some zzzzzs. Having your centuries old necklace that'll kill you if it gets taken off of you taken off of you is no picnic either.
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