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Back in the land of the - uh - living.

So it feels like someone's been playing soccer with my head.

And now? Now Dean decides he wants me to care and share.

Impeccable timing as always, big bro.

So yeah, I know he wants me to talk about what happened at Stull. And I will. I will. But... I need to get all straight in my own head before I can help him get it straight in his. I know he's worried about me. Hell, when isn't he worried about me? But what I did back there? Even I'm not sure what happened.

Yeah, I could feel Mia's power, just like I have before. And I reflected it back so I could get us the hell outta there. But... I could still feel it. After she was gone. After she was Hellpuppy chow. After I was a couple realities away. How does that happen? How do I explain that? If I'm just a conduit, just a mirror, how did I still have her power after she was dead?

Maybe Dean's right. Maybe I am some kind of psychic "sponge" that can drain the powers out of other people. I don't know. Is that what happened in Fort Worth? Had I somehow stored some of Nathan's whirlwind-making power in me?

I wish there was someone I could talk to about this. Someone else who could do this. But I guess I'm unique. And most of the other psychic kids are dead now. As far as I know.

Maybe I'll try calling Gudrun. She had some idea what was going on with me. Always supposing they get cell reception in Valhalla...

But for right now? I'm liking Dad's plan. Sleep. And radio silence.
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