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Time travel hurts my head

So time travel. Not that I'm opposed to it's practical application in everyday life. I mean who wouldn't want to go back and and make sure their big brother didn't run off with their prom date? But, you know, it really makes absolutely zero sense that time travel could be possible in any universe because it's just so damn impossible! Or improbable. Or stupid. Yeah, stupid. And now I sound like Dean.

So did Bonnie's enchanted photo album really send us back in time? Maybe. I remember the Impala going into Lake Bowman now. I remember Dean getting his ankle stuck, and being so scared he was going to drown I didn't know what to do. And I remember the two weird guys who got us out. And I even remember the really tall, good-looking one was called Sam and his short, bossy, not as built or as handsome big brother was called Dean. And why didn't I think that was weird at the time? Oh yeah. I was eight.

You know, you've never really experienced the utter stupidity of time travel until you've met yourself as a kid. I mean, I was totally not a stubborn brat. I wasn't. But that kid? What part of, "Get out of the car or your brother's going to drown!" did he not understand?

Jeez, Dean must have had the patience of a saint.

Never thought I'd get to see my graduation again either. You know, all I really remember clearly about that day is being so pissed off at Dad for telling me I had to go on that stupid hunt in New York that when he finally agreed to let me go to my own graduation I was actually glad he wasn't there. I mean, he seemed a hell of a lot prouder of Dean for dropping out than he was of me for actually graduating. Like my staying on in school was such a massive hindrance to him and his crusade.

Wow. I thought I'd forgiven him all that crap years ago. Guess not. Maybe Dean's not the only one holding onto a grudge.

Bonnie was cool. I would have liked to have known her when Dad first did. Seems like a nice lady. Would have been fun to visit her every now and then. Maybe at school vacations. Or on Christmas. Or something.

I got Chris and Amie's e-mail addresses. Gonna try and keep in touch if I can. I think Chris is a little scared of Dean. And Amie so has a crush on him. Which Dean never even suspected. His Chick Radar must be getting rusty in his old age. Every time she looked at him her ears went pink. Dean's ears used to do that whenever he had to talk to my fourth grade history teacher. Miss Sanchez. She was hot though. For a history teacher.

Okay and now I'm back to sounding like Dean.

Gonna get some shut eye. Let him drive for a while. I'm thinking we're gonna be heading back to Lawrence soon... I promised him we'd get Dad out of Stull and I meant it.

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