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A picture paints a thousand words, huh?

So. Enchanted photo album. Dean Winchester, this is your life! In beautiful mind-boggling Technicolor 3-D Sense-o-rama Smell-o-vision.

And it sucked.

Okay, not all of it sucked. Just the fire. And the death. And the drowning. And the demon. And more fire.

And Sam calling me his mom.

Actually, that last part kinda didn't suck. But if you tell Sammy that I'll kick your ass from here to Darkest Siberia, I swear to freakin' God!

Still. Bonnie's real nice. Real nice. I kinda wish...not that anyone could ever have replaced Mom, I just...I wish...I just wish Dad had told us about her. I mean, he didn't have to take us to live with her or anything. Could o' just introduced us. Let us maybe hang out with her and her kids. I was a pretty damn good babysitter for Sam - what am I talking about, I'm still a damn good babysitter for Sam - and I could o' helped her out. Y'know. With her kids. Taking care of 'em. And I could o' helped her around the house if Dad was off hunting. Done chores. Earned mine and Sam's keep. We could o' stayed just for a little while. Maybe Sammy could o' finished out a whole year in the same school. And Lynchburg ain't so bad. Jack Daniels and everything. And not like she'd have been our mom or anything but...Sammy could have had...Sammy could maybe have had something like what I had for nearly five years.

I wish Dad had told us about her.

I'm gonna kick his ass when we drag it outta Stull.

Sammy looked such a dork at his graduation though.

I left Bonnie my cell number. And my e-mail address. Maybe I can call her every now and then. Y'know. When I've got nothing better to do.

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