Dean Winchester (deanjwinchester) wrote in snville,
Dean Winchester

La Jolla

So, we're stuck in some creepy house with some even creepier guy off the TV - just what I need!

Of course, Sammy seems to actually like this freak, Jane, so maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it will keep his mind off 'Moonie' and what she did to that kid.

Sam still has forgiven himself for that, even though I keep tellin' his sorry ass it was the spook to blame. He didn't kill the girl. Hell, he was trying to save her. But well, if you know my brother, you know he ain't likely to let that little detail get in his conscience's way.

Me, I'm more worried about how we get outta this joint in one piece and away from the psychic wonder boy that is Patrick Jane. I swear the dude is so annoying I'm gonna swing for him soon. I mean, c'mon! Him and his CBI buddies set this whole whacked out trap up and now we're all stuck in it.

Way to go Feds....

Ugh, gotta run, looks like everybody's favorite dust cloud just dropped in for a visit, and she ain't looking too happy....
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