Sam Winchester (swinchester) wrote in snville,
Sam Winchester

We have a lead...

We found a lead on Dad back at Morrow's cabin. It might be thin, but it's all we've got right now. The place is called The Comstock Inn - looks just like the kind of joint Dad would use if he was on a gig.

I know I shouldn't worry that he's not answering his cell, that's just typical, but it bothers me with all the recent hunter deaths, and I know it bothers Dean too, even though he's his usual stubborn self about it. 

And now Dean had to mention Mia.

I'd hoped our paths would never cross again, but deep down I guess I always knew Dean and me aren't that lucky.

But if it is Mia....

I'm not going there, I'm just not. I can't bear the thought of her doing to Dad what she obviously did to Morrow. Just the size of the blood stain back at the cabin was enough to make me queasy.

And what if I have to face her again? What happened back inside that mountain freaked me, I mean, REALLY freaked me - channeling that kind of energy was just...unholy somehow, no matter what Dean says.

I don't want to have to do that again. Not in any fight, not even against Mia.

What if I inadvertantly become the very thing I'm fighting if I use this kind of power for too long? What's that saying, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely?'

Yeah, exactly....   
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