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Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish...

I was hoping for a little bit of peace and quiet... yeah, right, as if... especially after nearly being buried under a mountain of rock while being swarmed over by a gazillion demons straight out of some portal between Heaven and Hell...


Can you say Twiight Zone?

I've woke up the last couple of days with a pounding headache and wishing that it was from too much tequila... but its not. And if I say that watching my brother 'reap' demons didnt bother me... well, I might as well be saying that "I'm fine."

Still, I guess after all this time, I'm not really THAT freaked... after all, once again, Sammy save our skin... my skin.

But hey, the day hasnt been totally filled with bad news... Bobby told us that Sid Morrow was found dead. No one's for sure how, but considering our line of work and SId's less than friendly personality... my bets that the list of possible suspects covers everything from a pissed-off spirit to the waitress at some back roads diner. Face it- the guy made enemies...

So I guess I wont be shedding any tears over his demise... but then, Bobby tells us that he's not the first. Which DOES make me sweat just a little, makes me wonder where that demonic little she-bitch, MIa is right now. I havent stopped looking over our shoulders since we left Tahlequah, expecting to see her behind us, stalking us, just biding her time... I know we're not done with her...

but at least, there's one less piece of trash we have to worry about... Good riddance Morrow, hope you rot in hell.

Tags: art of dying

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