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Well that was...different...

So.  We have a Cousin.  She's called Daisy.  Is Dean ever gonna run out of Dukes of Hazzard jokes?  Somehow I don't think so.  Oh yeah, she can control earthquakes.  Y'know.  Pretty standard for an archeology student.  She kinda looks a little bit like Dean, which is freaky.  Acts like him too.  Despite that, I kinda like her.  And she makes Zach happy, so that's gotta be worth something.  What are the odds my old college buddy would wind up dating my distant relative?  I can't wrap my head around it.  She's a Claviger.  Just like us.  Can't be the Clavigers that were cursed though, otherwise I'd be doubly cursed, right?  Clavigers and Winchesters?  Hell, that'd pretty much be my luck though, right?

Gudrun's back.  And so is Jon.  He's a reincarnated Einherjar warrior sent by Odin to save the world.  She's a Valkyrie along for the ride.  Whatever works, right?  Explains what happened in Canada a little better.

Dean just used angel parts to blow up some demons.  That was fun.

And oh yeah, I just dropped a mountain on a Conduit between Heaven and Hell and reaped a couple hundred demons.

So just another day at the office for Sam Winchester.

I'm still not sure what happened back there.  One minute I was me, the next I had Gudrun and Daisy in my head with me and all I could think about was saving Dean, Jon and Zach.  I made an earthquake.  With my mind.  I reaped a demon.  With my mind.  This is not normal behavior, right?

I'm just glad Dad wasn't there.  I mean, Dean was freaked to all hell and he's pretty much got a handle on the whole "my kid brother's a psychic freak" thing.  Dad?  Well I don't think he'd have been quite as understanding as Dean was.

And Dean's pretty much as scared as I am right now.

I started today thinking about fairy dust and I'm ending it thinking I might  somehow be involved in the Apocalypse.

I need a beer.  I need a lot of beer.
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