May 5th, 2010


You gotta be friggin' kidding me...

Okay, so, I'm supposed to believe that angels are real, and that the feather we've been using against black-eyed skanks all this time is actually a feather from one. 

Right. Well excuse me if I don't buy it. 

Some geeky looking dude in a trenchcoat shows up and I'm supposed to believe he works for the big guy upstairs. Not only that, but he and his brethren are actually trying to gank a priest! I mean, c'mon, what is the world coming to?

Oh, and if this Castiel is really one of the harp carrying bozos from up yonder, then why can't Sammy see him? Sammy thinks about that crap all the time. He should be the one seeing things - hell, he usually is the one seeing things...

Oh, and if angels just aren't whacked out enough, me and Sammy found ourselves a real buckets of crazy dude don't at the local looney bin, and a religious deity that likes to chow down on a hunk of flesh every now and again. Well, either that, or a bunch of his followers who have taken to white meat just for the hell of it.

Ain't that just peachy? I hate to think what we'll find if we stick around for the whole week. 

Right now sammy is off playing cop at the newest crime scene while I get to go talk to Father Alvaro again. And he says he gets the rum end of the deal! Gimme a dead body to a stuffy old church any time. of course, Sammy would say that's just some inner part of me that's scared of the places, but then maybe I am - let's face it, there not exactly safe if a priest nearly gets offed by one of his own in his church, are they?

Still, maybe the kid will be there again, at least he's easier to talk to...kinda...   

Dammit, did I mention I hate this town? I'm telling ya, bad vibes, man.

Big, badass vibes all the way.
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